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Choosing a Wedding Photographer

With the current advancement and accessibility of camera equipment, especially digital cameras, it may be tempting to take up the offer of a friend by getting them to take the photos for you.

This is of course a nice idea, however many couples find that friends may not be as reliable as they would hope. They can become too involved in the day, chatting, dancing, socialising and drinking. All too often large and important chunks of the day go unrecorded. A professional photographer is there purely to ensure you get the photos you want. They don't know the guests so aren't distracted or sidelined. A photographer will organise and gather together groups of people for you. They will also give a thorough overview of your day and you know the photos will be professional.

Weddings can be expensive, but photos are there to treasure forever. They are an investment for your family and future generations to enjoy. The bride often misses out on the guests arriving, grooms nerves etc. With comprehensive wedding photography coverage you need not miss out on anything, and be part of the day as a whole.


"Mark is very creative; he helped make our ideas come to life, offering professional advice at every turn and was joy to have around on the day."


"There were a mix of formal but more importantly, relaxed and informal photos and for the price his service is more than you can ask for. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend  him for your most important day"