allaboutcapture | Hay Bales, Tractors and Manchester United - Lizzie and Dave

Hay Bales, Tractors and Manchester United - Lizzie and Dave

August 31, 2015

It was a delight to hear from Lizzie and Dave and to be asked to be their photographer as I had previously photographed Lizzie's sister Victoria's wedding back in 2008.

As with Victoria's wedding the ceremony was to be at Stocklinch church followed by a reception in a marquee on the family farm, with the bridesmaids and bride arriving on a specially decorated tractor trailer. The church was full to bursting with family and friends wanting to share their special day, so much so that I was nestled in with the guests at the back of the church.

The marquee was beautifully decorated with the seating plan in the style of Manchester United, Lizzie and Dave's favourite team (much to Lizzie's Dad's annoyance.) My favourite part of the decoration were the bales of hay dressed up as a bride and groom as you entered the field. And as with Victoria's wedding I climbed up on a nearby tractor to make sure I could get a shot of all the guests raising their glasses.

It was a fantastic day and a lot of fun to photograph. Lizzie and Dave are a great, fun loving couple and I wish them all the happiness as they start their married lives together.