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Bridges, Fields and Happy Memories ~ Vicky and Dennis

July 06, 2015

Almost eleven years to the day of my own wedding at St Johns in Staplegrove I was asked to be the photographer for Vicky and Dennis' glorious May wedding. I expected rather naively that the Vicar, Rev. Stephen Kivett would remember me, forgetting the number of weddings and people he must meet throughout the course of a year.  I loved revisiting this special church and especially to photograph a couple as lovely as Vicky and Dennis.

The reception was held at the Anchor Inn in Hillfarrance, Taunton and I hadn't been to this pub for a long time and I really enjoyed it there (I have since been back on Father's day with my own family as I was so impressed by the food).

We strolled across the road to a footbridge meaning Vicky had to scale a gate so we could utilise a nearby crop field which was up to their waists when they stepped down but made for some fabulous natural photographs. I love the way they are reaching across a tidal wave of wheat towards each other. The bridge pictures really added some contrasting structure to the softness of the romantic shots and gave them a chance to chat and have some alone time away from the buzz of the reception for a few minutes.

Overall it was a relaxed and beautiful day with a delightful couple, my many congratulations to them both.