allaboutcapture | A Couple, a Castle and a smattering of Purple. Hannah and Vikki - 9th August 2014

A Couple, a Castle and a smattering of Purple. Hannah and Vikki - 9th August 2014

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I first met Hannah and Vikki in January of this year when we first discussed their special day, they were hoping for an outdoor ceremony and were conflicted about whether or not to have a civil partnership or whether they would be able to have a marriage service (as the law was due to change).

I arrived at Woodlands Castle on their big day in August to find the staff setting up ready for the outdoor ceremony they'd planned. The clouds above were grey and looking ominous but the staff had gone to so much trouble and the set-up was amazing.

Both Hannah and Vikki were getting ready almost across the hall from each other, so there was lots of to-ing and fro-ing from not just me but also the Bridesmaids~ delivering gifts and messages between the two. I love the hustle-bustle of the pre-wedding preparations, it is a nervous, hectic time but this is when the emotions and careful preparations form into an intensity of feeling that usually results in laughter and tears and amusing anecdotes for many years to come.

Unfortunately it was decided too much of a risk to proceed with an outdoor ceremony and everything was seamlessly moved indoors. Hannah and Vikki were unfazed too and thankfully it didn't change the atmosphere or effect the overall brilliance of their day.

Hannah and Vikki are surrounded by a caring and fun-loving family and friends and this showed in the emotional and proud speeches given by both of their Dads. Speeches that were interjected by the little pageboy using the microphone to add his own confident, if a little inappropriate comments!

As you will see from the photographs, Hannah and Vikki's love for each other is almost tangible from the way they look at each other and I feel thoroughly lucky to be able to share with you my record of their special story.





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